Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Yes, you read the title correctly...guilty pleasures.  Can you imagine me confessing to such things?  Well, here goes.  My David Letterman list of things I normally wouldn't own up to, but enjoy doing. 

1. Licking the icing out of the icing container
2. Watching your favorite TV show while devouring a box of cereal ( the one everyone else loves!)
3. Retail therapy anytime:)
4. Sneaking your husband's change into your piggy bank ( he never notices)
5. Ordering yourself a Big Mac(calories and all)
6. Dancing around the house when no one is looking ( thank goodness)
7. Having an easy day around the house, then calling your husband and telling him to bring dinner
8. Buying and eating a candy bar, or having a secret stash that no one knows about...HA HA!
9. Making brownies for yourself and eating half of it
10. Sunday sickness ( you all know what this is...those moments when you feel fine until just before church when you are suddenly attacked with a terrible headache etc.)  That is not why I missed this last week.  I really was sick!

Of course, I could list other things that I consider guilty pleasures, but I don't want to bore you any longer.  However, I might say that everyone needs a guilty pleasure once in awhile.  It's healthy to reward yourself ...YOU DESERVE IT!  Sometimes I think we are too afraid of being human.  It's ok to say that you feel like crap, or your sick of the dishes.  It's normal to feel a little rebellious at times.  I call this safe rebellion, like wearing something weird, dying your hair a strange color, seeing a naughty movie:)...only pg-13 of course. (I'm not THAT naughty.)

Own up to being sick of watching Dora for the tenth time in a row.  Admit to hating the smell of another batch of chicken nuggets.  Express your desire for a lunch that doesn't include hot dogs and macaroni and cheese!

Search for a quiet place, even if that means the bathroom.  Take a book with you, sit on the pot, and enjoy the luxury of not doing anything for a moment.  Of course, if your like me, my kids would always stand outside the bathroom door and listen.  What did they expect to hear?  Did they think I might be sucked down the toilet?  I think our kids thought that I would somehow vanish if I were in there alone.

Actually, to sum up this entry I just want to encourage all my friends to catch a break now and then; and don't feel guilty about it.  Life is a pleasure, and I'm grateful to be here with all of you, and those I love so dear. Find a quiet place, and eat a plate of brownies on me!

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  1. I think this was one of my most favorite posts of yours LOL. I always feel guilty treating myself to something because so much else needs to be taken care of. I justify it for my sanity though! Thank you for your thoughts and please know that they made me smile and feel better about my dancing around the house when no one is looking, making cupcakes for me (no icing just the way I like them) and eating 99% of them, buying a new shirt to make me feel good and all of my other little guilty pleasures.

    Love you