Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Spirit... FASCINATING!

It has been awhile since I have faced the blank screen of my blog. It hasn't been for a lack of things to write about. Afterall, I live such an exciting, fascinating life. Today on the Katie Show, I heard the guest say she had to decide between being fascinating, or being all about getting the job done. This caused me to ponder my life, as well as the holiday season. Sadly, I've had to admit that I am more about getting the job done....but I would LOVE to be FASCINATING! Just think of how much that would change my life. For instance, when I go walking and pass runners and bikers, who look at me like I'm a turtle in motion; instead of the cold blank stares, they would say something like, "Hi" to me (because they could see just how fascinating I was.)FASCINATING! My family would no longer ask, "What's for dinner?" Because they would alreadsy know that whatever I fixed would be totally yummy, and FASCINATING! No more sighs, or sneers...they would just love the food. Being FASCINATING would also help me when shopping. No longer would I be glared at in the parking lot, shoved in the aisles of the grocery store, and no longer would someone let their flipping cart hit into my car. All because I was FASCINATING! Perhaps, being fascinating might be too much work for someone like myself. I don't mind the snotty people on the trail; I enjoy being out in nature. The people in the stores just make me want to get out of there quicker...which saves me money. So thank you to all of the less than nice people at Wal-mart. I appreciate you contributing to my savings account. Now, where I have to draw the line is with the shopping carts. Fascinating or not...can't people walk a few extra steps and put their cart away? Consider it a service project. It really helps out all those young men, who have to run around the parking lot, herding carts in from all over the surrounding businesses. Really, fascinating is what the entire Christmas Spirit is about. Consider the birth of Jesus, and all who traveled to witness him. Think of the countless acts of service given by people all over the world. Consider the people who volunteer at the homeless shelter, feed the hungry, console the broken hearted, and share the good news of the gospel. These things are not only fascinating....but wonderful. Reflect upon the many soldiers who won't be home for another Christmas. Consider the sacrifice of the soldier's family. I for one, am happy to be about getting the job done, and I appreciate all those who "get it done" for me and my family. Thank you to the person who delivers the mail, the newspaper man or woman who gets up at 4:00 AM to deliver my paper. Thank you to the outstanding doctors who have taken care of me, and kept me on this earth. Thank you to my friends and family who love me for being me...a less thasn fascinating person:) I guess when you stop to really contemplate your life; you soon realize how utterly fascinating your life really is. Each time I kiss or squeeze one of my grandchildren I know how much my life has been blessed. They are the light of my life. I live for every moment I can share with them. They are truly fascinating, smart, beautiful, and awesome people. One day I'll write a book called, "Everything I learned from my Grandchildren and Children." It would be a best seller:) Thank you to Rachel for teaching me how to love. She was the perfect first child. Thank you to Dave for teaching me how to be a doctor. He provided lots of opportunities for me during his early years. Thank you to Mark for teaching me first aid, and how to recognize a battery from a cyclinder. He also has taught me the value of a daily phone call to people we love. Thank you to Jon for saving my life, and being my buddy. Soon I will have to let him be someone else's best buddy...but that's all good. Thank you to Justin, Tab, and Pam for choosing to come into our family. We love all of you too. Fascinating is just a word. But, nevertheless, fascinating in, and of itself. I guess it's all about how you choose to view your life, and everything around you. You know, life is fascinating, and it's all about being present for the ones you love. Happy Holidays to all of my fascinating family and friends.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Where does the fat go?

Every morning I subject myself to a terrifying experience....I weigh myself. This can either start my day out well, or crappy depending on what the number reveals. Every day it's down a pound and up two; down three and up one. Where does the fat go? It's not like I can rip off a pound or two before bedtime each night. And it's not like a stay up late and eat myself into oblivian! My stomach is flat, my clothes fit...but that darn fat comes and goes like a thief in the night.

Maybe fat is a state of mind? When I read the Special K box of cracker chips, and see that 36 chips equals 110 calories...I don't assume that equates to three pounds of fat...but it seems to. When I look at myself in the mirror, I don't read any words or labels that say FAT, but when I look at skinny women I think to myself, "Charlotte, you are fat." Why can't we look at one another without labels, without comparisons, without judgement?

Imagine what the world would be if everyone accepted each other for who they are. Why should I feel guilty when I eat 37 chips instead of 36...and why the heck am I having to count the chips anyway?

I know wonderful women who are not model thin, but they are model people. I hope they realize how much I love and admire them for who they are. Of course, we'd all like to be thinner, cuter, craftier...but we seldom stop to realize what we have been blessed with. The ability to laugh at ourselves, our committment to a power and religion greater than ourselves, being a mother and being an involved mother. Fat people...let's unite. Let's celebrate our uniqueness. Cut yourself a break and realize that pounds don't define us. If they do...YOUR CRAZY! Be proud of who you are and what you stand for. Don't worry about where the fat goes at night. Rejoice that you are here on the earth at this time, and this dispensation of the fullness of time. You and I matter...fat or not!