Friday, August 27, 2010

Am I too old to learn?

The other day, after watching hours of GCM and CMT with my parents, I decided I wanted to learn a new skill. I've decided I want to learn how to play the guitar; and no....I do not want to be on CMT or be a "music writer." I just want to strum along to basic songs for the grand kids at camp outs, or holidays.

I announced this plan on Facebook. Big mistake! Now I have to try. My questions to myself is, "Am I too old to learn a new thing like playing the guitar?" Debating this issue finally lead me to Barns and Noble where I purchased a book with a CD. Now I really feel committed. Usually shopping and buying is such a high for me, but this time I knew it would be different. It would mean COMMITMENT!

The young man who rang up my purchase looked at me with a smile, and ask if I was getting it for myself. I wanted to lie and say no, but being like old George...I could not tell a lie. Immediately, upon admitting to this temporary bout of insanity, he started telling me his life history of playing the guitar. He played bass, he played electric, he played for his Spanish Class at PVHS, he played for the little children at the Lutheran church. On and on and on. I was waiting for him to say he had played at Woodstock, but he was too young for that!

I left Barns and Noble with a new sense of determination...I will learn the guitar. Don't expect Blake Shelton, Johnny Cash, or Carrie Underwood. Maybe I'll shoot for ,"Row, Row, Row Your Boat," that sounds right down my guitar strings ...if you know what I mean! If you see me with bloody fingers, you'll know I have went over the top. But I am going to give it a try. I never said I would play the guitar well...just play it!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Walking in the park the other day, I was amazed to come upon several flocks of little tiny birds. They had bright yellow, or bright red breasts. I'd say they were the size of a twinkie. As I walked quietly by, all of the birds immediately took flight...except one little bird.

Now, although I know I posed no threat to this tiny bird, I was surprised at how long it just stood there and watched me. I stopped and watched it back. I wondered why this one bird would dare to stay behind, when all of the others had taken flight and perched in the branches of the trees for safety?

Later in the day, I watched as two new baby calves raced across the field; ignoring the other cows and fence lines around them. They were having unabashed fun. I'll confess; I envied them for a moment. It must be nice to run and play, and not have responsibilities to fulfill.

When I arrived home after observing these events of nature; I felt compelled to stop and really take a serious look around me. I walked around the yard and really looked at the yard and our home. It brought back fond memories of when we ran and played with our children. There were times of unabashed fun, and silliness. Now our children have grown, we have the blessing of each of our grandchildren near by. They can make me laugh quicker than anything. They can help me enjoy even the boring, mundane things of life.

Yesterday, Shelby walked in our kitchen, and noticed a bowl of figs that Larry had picked and put in a bowl. She hadn't seen figs before, and they reminded her of something more common to a three year old. She looked at the bowl of figs, and asked, "Grandma, are those poops in the bowl?" Sincere as she was; I couldn't helping cracking up.

My grand kids teach me something about life every day. My oldest grandson Matt teaches me compassion, and empathy. He is quick to show affection, and is a very intelligent boy. Emily has taught me to try. She is excited to learn and do new things. Nate is a living lesson plan on how to enjoy the great outdoors...specifically DIRT!

Talia has taught me the value in cracking up over nothing! She brings a smile to my by just walking in the room. Cicily is such an example of kindness. She shepherds those younger than her with love and gentleness. Our little Xander has shown all of us the fun and joy in running. Although I cannot run, I love to watch him take off across the room. He finds sheer delight in the freedom to move.

Shelby has taught me about love and devotion. She compels me to be silly, and to play, play, play. And then comes Kylee. What a sweet, gentle spirit she has about her. When I hold her I feel peace and sweetness that is unique to infants. In February I'll become acquainted with our newest grandchild. I can hardly wait to see what special things she or he can teach us.

So why am I writing about grandchildren, birds, cows, and poops...I really don't know. But maybe you can find a message in this tale, that will inspire you to enjoy life even more fully than you do now. There is always something new to learn, and experience. We need to have the faith and wisdom of a child, and learn to appreciate the simple things of life.