Thursday, January 30, 2014

Did he really say that out loud?

After listening to Pres. Obama's State of the Union; I found myself in a "state" of shock.  Did he really say those things aloud?  Certainly, an American President would never threaten the congress...I must have misunderstood the insertion of the word, myself."  I thought our country was run by an Elected President who follows the Constitution.  His role is to work within the legislative branch, and govern to the best of his abilities, and the items stated in the constitution.

Personally, I thought the president came off as a snotty class room bully.  His comments about having a pen and a phone, and he'll make things happen with or without congress.  Just what is it that his words conveyed?

1. I ,Obama , am the ruler, King, Savior of the world.

2. You'd better follow me or I will cause Kingly punishments to reign upon you.

3. Rich people need to give away everything they can, and try to be poor.  It will make everyone else happy.

4. There is only one way to do things....MY WAY!

5. Now all you poor people; we are going to load up your food stamp cards, get you a better phone,
and help you learn to be rich without any education or work. (This sounds perfect doesn't it!)

6. If you are here worries... "Celebrate Good Times, Come ON!"

7.If you are not black you can never understand our color issues.  Thereby, we will be putting all white folks into human baking ovens called, Tanning Salons.  When you finally get out, you should look like a Michelle Obama.

8.Did you know that we are not all "folks?"  I was heart broken to learn that folks doesn't include most of us.It must be special to be a folk!

9. I hope all you young, healthy folks in your twenties sign up for the new Obama Health Care Plan. It's only fair that the young and healthy pay enormously for the old, the fat, and shall we say "Seasoned" folks around you.

10.Success is measured in how many people like you (that wouldn't be a long list sir... It's also determined by the months you have managed to stay unemployed and receive benefits by sitting on your butt at home and watching your oversized TVS.

11. There will be provided ways to take care of illegal imigrants.  Sign them up for free registration for a driver's license, a new cell phone, and all the groceries you can get. Furthermore, YOU and YOUR CHILDREN will be personally brought to the King, oh I mean Obama, sorry for that.  Upon arrival you will be put on the Obama's list of Black Americans who attend his parties.  You can "get down" dancing with Michelle, and rub shoulders with all the other poor people who are there pretending to be rich.  If you are really lucky, the President (the My Highness), may sing a song to you.  He knows about EVERYTHING.  I'm surprised that small head can contain so much.

12. Be prepared to give up more freedoms, and remember that the Emperor has stated his rules, and who are we to question the all knowing, and ruling President Barrock Obama.

I hope my writing has helped you to understand the meanings of many Obama statements.  It sure has been fun to make fun of them!!!!!!!!!!!