Sunday, May 15, 2011

Passwords areJust Plain Annoying!

Somehow I need to come up with a better system of keeping my passwords.  Up until recently I have used basically two passwords for everything.  Then I got SCAMMED!  I had to reset passwords, and now I did such a good job...I can' remember half of them!

This memory problem can be attributed to three things: age, age, and more age!  Honestly, I started by listing passwords in my planner.  But I don't always want to get up and look for my planner.  And usually when I do get doesn't have the passwords I needed.

Next plan was to use post it notes.  I love those things.  I consider myself Queen of post it use.  They were my life blood when I taught school.  I have continued to be a fan of anything associated with post it notes.  The trouble with these, is that I get so many on my bulletin board, that they eventually fall off, I see a piece of paper on the floor, and I throw it away.  Then some time later, I realize what I have so carefully disposed of.
Also, the heat in my "office" wears the stickiness right off those notes.

So, I began putting the post it notes up with bulletin board pins.  But honestly, I have run out of space.  They are layered on my bulletin board, where many have remained hidden for some time.  So...what to do?

I thought of making a list and posting on my bulletin board; but then Larry and Jon would have access to all of my passwords also.  I have nothing to hide, and I trust them...but sharing passwords is like sharing underwear...NOT COOL!

After much thought and deliberation, I believe I am going to go with the list idea, and hide the list somewhere where I can easily access it.  But even as I write this, I know what will happen.  I will hide the list so well...I'll never be able to find it again.  So, back to the thinking board.  Passwords are just annoying!