Monday, February 22, 2010

Whose computer is this anyway?

Have you ever noticed how children ( especially older ones), take ownership of your things? For instance, I have a computer in my wanna be office. But nine times out of ten, I either can't get on my computer, or someone is telling me to hurry and get off the computer. So it begs the question, "Whose computer is this anyway?"

Not only are there children who think they own my computer; but I also have some who tell me what I can and cannot post on the computer. Believe me, there is plenty I COULD post if I wanted.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I said, "THIS IS MY COMPUTER, AND I'LL POST WHAT I WANT ON IT!" Would the world fall apart? Would I be arrested? Would my children haunt me in my sleep?

Well, to keep the peace I'll continue to share. I'll also let the computer gang have imput on my postings. But, I will not be stopped from dreaming about what it would be like, to actually enjoy what is rightfully mine. Oh happy day!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Watching People at Church is Entertaining

Have you ever seriously watched the interaction of children and parents at church? Because I have been there, done that....I have observed different ways that parents keep their young ones in a church meeting.

1. The Open Door Policy. This is where parents sit at the end of a row, and whenever the child even leans on their leg, they swing over and let the child escape.

2. The Divide and Conquer Parents. These are my favorites because they really are trying. One parent stations themselves at both ends of a row; thereby correling the kids.

3. The "I don't care how loud you bawl," parents. These brave souls determine that no matter what, they are not letting their chhildren out of the meeting. "If I have to stay, you have to stay!" You have to love these guys as their children discover their lung capacity.

4. The "I will be the one to sacrifice, and take the kid out." These are typically dads who still like to eat the kids treats you brought, and play cars out in the hallway. Funny how they go out, and never come back!

Of course, I'm just kidding. Keeping children reverant and quiet is difficult, and all in all I think most parents make an effort to keep the kids happy and in the meeting. So...pass the cheerios!