Friday, February 11, 2011


Have you ever had occasion to consider the things that drive you absolutely nuts?  Well, i obviously have too much time on my hands, or I'm bored stiff...but I just have to let it all out tonight.  Of course, there are things that I have no control over, like old people driving huge RVs that can't even see over the dashboard.  Then they decide to change lanes...WATCH OUT!  They can move from the far right, to the turning lane on the far left, and not even use a turning signal.  LOVE IT!

Or how about Wal-mart "greeters" that stare at you like you are a shop lifters going in to the store.  I thought they were suppose to greet you, and make you feel welcome in the store.  Oh, no, no, no.  They glare at you. It's especially bad when you have a sweet darling child with you.  Oh the nerve, to bring kids shopping!  Can you imagine (Right!)

Lots of service industry people could take a course on customer service which includes a whole chapter on how to smile at the customer. (No offense Pam.  You are perfect:)  But all the others, except Pam, need help.  Sometimes it's like checking out with a Zombie.  There is a particular girl at Wal-mart that I swear died back in October, and is still standing at the same register just moving things back and forth.  No emotion, conversation, acknowledgement, or even a cough.  Look for her.  She is easy to spot.  She never moves, and her eyes are glazed over...poor thing.

I guess the things that are the most upsetting to me are personal things: like being stood up to get the grandchildren. I waited all day to pick up two of my grandchildren to take them on a hike.  Jon and I were all pumped up about it.  I watched the clock until it was ten minutes to three, and we zoomed over, ran to the doorstep, knocked, and knocked, and knocked.  No one answered the door.  I was crushed with disappointment.  This is two times in a row that we have tried to plan a little hike with them, and it's always something.  This drives me more crazy than anything.  I just want to be grandma.  I just want to leave memories with the little ones in my life.

I'm not asking to be grandma of the year, or take the kids for a month.  I just want time with them.  I'm always afraid that I won't get as much time with my grandchildren as I want.  Hopefully the Lord will see how much my grandchildren mean to me, and allow me lots of time on earth with them.

So please....don't drive me crazy by keeping the kids away.  They are my reason for being here, for living.  They are the reason I get up in the morning.  The reason I keep going even when my body doesn't want to.

Yes, things drive me batty.   Most of it is unimportant, as long as the old folks don't run over me.  But family makes me crazy with happiness.  Thank you to those in law and outlaw children who are respectful, and try so hard to make my life even better.  I love you, and I appreciate you sharing your most precious children with me.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"What's for Dinner?"

Is it just me, or are women everywhere sick of hearing, "What's for dinner?"  I have to fight every sarcastic bone in my body not to reply with some smart remark.  I have tried a few replies like, "I don't know, what do you want?"  But that doesn't work either because the person will just stand and stare at me, with puppy eyes and absolutely NO suggestions.
Did they once think that I really don't know what is for dinner!  Some days I plan ahead, or I get the crock pot going, then there's no doubt.  But half the time I don't know what's for dinner either.  I go through a very scientific way of deciding what's for dinner.  Here are my top ten ways you can decide:

10. Ask yourself if you really want dinner, or would a snack due?
9. Tell your husband what a terrible day you have had.  Sometimes they take mercy on us.
8. Look in the freezer and see if there is something not covered with freezer burn.
7. Check the pantry for easy, sleazy packaged meals.
6. Attempt getting someone, anyone, to help.
5. Delay thinking about dinner as long as possible.
4. Start wishing that  Fabio will show up in your kitchen holding a pot of something.
3. Give up on the wishing, and look for the easiest thing to make.
2. Think about all the starving kids in Africa.
1. Cook for those starving kids and feed your family

Now, I say the kids in Africa only because I grew up cleaning everything off my plate because of all the starving children in Africa, or was it China?  Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  Right now my 24 year old is staring at me like a vulture.  He knows not to ask what's for dinner because he saw me writing this.  Otherwise, I'm sure he would have questioned me before now. I tried asking him to cook,and he told me ,"nice try."  NICE TRY!!!!!! Is that all a mother can expect after 24 years of caring for this boy?  Maybe it is all in my attitude.  I'm going to try and get excited about the frozen meat ( very freezer burned), the old tortillas in the refrigerator, and some ancient rice in the cupboard.  This is going to be the meal of meals I can tell already.  So , "What's for dinner?"  It can be anything.  I think I'll start replying with , "It's a surprise!"  That is an honest answer, because I really don't know, and perhaps it will end up being one of my greatest creations ever.  It might also end up sending my family to the bathroom immediately after eating:)  Oh well, SURPRISE!