Monday, March 8, 2010

Living for Another Day

The other day I was sitting in the doctors office surrounded by four senior citizens. I would guess they were all over seventy years old. They were complaining back and forth to one another about how busy they are, needing to plant their garden, and their volunteer work. As they complained on and on; I wanted to stand up and tell them just how lucky they are. I wanted to say, "Do you realize what my mother would give to be able to be busy instead of home bound and handicapped?" Too often we take life for granted. I am grateful for every day I wake up in the morning and have a new day. Perhaps, having almost died twice, and living with kidney disease, has made me extra sensitive to this issue. Every new day is a day I can be with my family, talk to the ones I love, enjoy my home and surroundings, and live as good of an example as I can be. I remember waking up in the hospital three years ago, and wondering what had happened to me. The day before I had been at the gym, cooked dinner, and went about my daily chores. Now here I was. In a hospital , and completely and utterly sick. I have never been so afraid that I wouldn't see my family and home again. Mark would come in almost every day and tell me, "Mom, you have to hang in there so you can meet Shelby." (She was born exactly a month later.) The thought of not being able to see my new grand baby was heartbreaking, but motivating to me. I tried very hard to get well. When Larry drove me home after my hospital stay, I was shaking like a leaf. The minute I saw our home come into view I just lost it. I hadn't known if I would see my home again; and I was overwhelmed with thankfulness and gratitude to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to have another day. So when we feel overwhelmed or frustrated, let's all take a minute and be grateful that we are here for those moments...another day.

Thoughts About Spring

I love Spring! It is the time of year that everything seems new. The flowers are peeking their heads out of the wet soil, trees are beginning to bud and leaf, and there are new baby animals everywhere. Watching baby lambs are my favorite. As soon as their little legs can carry them; they are running and jumping around the pasture like a bunch of little boys. Hearing the birds chrip the in the morning, and watching our two turtles sun themselves by the pond, just makes me feel better about this world. Maybe we all need to renew ourselves in the Spring. Recommit ourselves to what is important, enjoy the blessings of where we live, and express gratitude for our many blessings. I think it's also a time to be like the turtles....come up out of the water ( or whatever is holding you back,) and warm ourselves under the glow of the sun. Oh what a life that could be.