Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don'r Mess With My Stuff!

When I came down the stairs this morning, and turned the corner to the kitchen; I could immediately see something had changed. Someone, who will remain nameless (ok, it was Larry), decided to rearrange things in my computer/solarium/tutoring/scrapbooking room. I WAS TICKED! Not just a little mad, but ready to tear someone's (Larry's) head off. How dare he mess with my stuff!

Would I ever go down to his Barn and rearrange things? No...because I would throw most of it away. Do I rearrange his pigeon lofts, messy office, or heaven forbid... tackle the stack around his chair? The answer is a big fat NO! So is it too much to ask for him to not mess with my stuff?

Ok, I'm going to answer my own questions because I know I'll get the right answers:) First of all, let's take a step or two back in time to Saturday.
For months I have endured his marathon training. I have listened to his glory stories, attended his races, put up signs on Friday, and stood for over 4 hours waiting for him to trot by. And what did he do when he saw me...nothing! No kiss, no hug, no thank you dear for being such a wonderful wife! Oh no, he just jogged on by and waved like he was at a picnic. I wanted to run out, grab his shorts, and pull them over his head.

Then, I go out Monday and buy a frame for him to frame his marthon poster, and hang in his office. Which, by the way, has only a tool belt girl hanging in there.I specifically said, "This is to hang in your office." I get up the next morning, and he has hung it up above the sewing machine! Is this so I can be reminded of it more often?

So, when I discovered his decorating this morning, I could have screamed. I would have kicked something, but I know I would have injured myself for nothing. So back to my questions and answers. I would never rearrange his places, although I am now tempted beyond belief. What would he do if I rearranged his spaces? Probably nothing. He wouldn't notice. But I noticed his little Oprah project, and I am not a happy person.

Long ago, 35 years ago, he should have started to realize a thing about me which is..."DON'T MESS WITH MY STUFF!" Both he, and my boys have had trouble remembering this.

One day, about 15 years ago, I came home and found two of my boys playing with and wearing my sexy linguire. I can't spell it, but you know what I mean. I was so mad at them. Not so much because they were having a great time with it, but because they snooped and got it out of the top of my closet! I decided then and there , that mother's have no privacy. I took all my sexy stuff and threw it all in the garbage can. I'm sure the garbage men had a hayday if they looked in the can. I never again have bought anything even remotely sexy. The thing that was so irritating, is that I had put that stuff in old shoe boxes labeled ,"Old temple clothes." But did that stop them from looking...oh no!

I have hid chocolate, money, books, Christmas, and a variety of other things...and they always find it. Larry knows better than to toss anything of mine, but apparently that message has not worked its way to his frontal lobe yet.

I do not want anyone rearranging my home. It is my castle. I do all the work and upkeep in here. Things are where they are for a reason. Now I cannot get to my scrapbooking stuff, it looks ugly from the living room, and there is a big space with nothing to do with it.

I was hoping blogging would get this out of my system, but it hasn't worked. Maybe I'll go down and rearrange a few tools, benches, or junk in his domain! (Really, I won't because it would be too much work!) So if you see me hanging out my windows, shouting at the sky, you'll know that things have not gotten back to normal around here!

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  1. Inquiring minds want to know... Did you switch it back yet? :o)
    I totally can't stand it when the kids get into my stuff. They have trashed more of my belongings than I know what to do with. I agree, it crosses that VERY fine line of peeving me and flat out making me furious! Because we recently paid off everything but a couple bills I decided to treat myself to some nice makeup to make me feel pretty... A pick me up if you will.
    I had used it ONCE and jarryd dumped it all out in my sink. I wanted to just strangle that kid. A $20 dollar tube of make up... trashed. Not to mention our new mattress as of March is void on the warranty because Aivah dumped a drink all over it and Jarryd's pee'd my bed.
    I try my hardest to tell the kids that NO ONE is allowed in my room except for by invitation only. I will put up the baby gate and do you think that helps? WELL you get my point lol I hope all of the emotions have settled at your place and that you've reclaimed your area again.

    Love you