Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just how many calories can possibily be in a Vanilla Wafer?

Don't you just hate this time of year? Everyone is going on a diet, everyone is going to get healthy, everyone is going to get skinny, everyone is going to do these things.... but ME! It isn't that I don't have a desire to do these things. It isn't a lack of motivation or information. It's just that I haven't found a "plan" yet, that totally works for me.'''

I considered a cereal diet ( until you look at the sugars, carbs, and calories. How about a Doctor Oz drink I ventured. But I cannot, and will not drink a drink of green slim made from raw kale and collard greens. My stomach doesn't even recognize these foods until way into the afternoon.

So i decided to look for something I like, that is plain, and yet full filling ( for a treat.) I looked thoughtfully into my pantry and found lots of cans, boxes, and nicks nacks out the patty whack!
Suddenly my eyes fell upon a box of vanilla wafers. How bad could a little cookie, with no frosting be? Surely it had to be 5 calories! I carefully began to inspect the box, avoiding the product information as long as possible. I noticed the box said, Reduced Fat Vanilla Wafers.

I was feeling pretty pumped by now. I anticipated a large cereal bowl filled to the rim with the tiny little plain cookies. Then I read the dreaded label. I could eat 8 tiny boring cookies for 120 calories, and 2 grams of fat. Eight cookies...are you kidding me! The are the size of a quarter, no frosty or candy, plain as a board.

How can I stick to eight morsels a day, when in the pantry right next to them are chocolate fiber bars, chocolate chips, nuts, chips, crackers? "There must be a better way," I scream to myself. If I scream out loud my family might think I have lost it....again!

Well, I'll tell you what I am going to do. I am going to take my eight cookies for the night, and enjoy them one at a time. Maybe I'll lick the cookie, then suck on it, and chew it oh so slowly. By the time I do this 8 times, I won't be interested in that jar of Very Vanilla Frosting with chocolate chips that taste so good. OOPS, my secret is out! Happy dieting.

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  1. LOL, Pam was right, totally worth the read! Let me know how it works out :-) You are the best!!! Love you-